Afghanistan-Turks Association (UK)

Bringing together the Afghan Turkic diaspora


ATA-UK provides the following services and activities by:

  • Organizing cultural and recreational events and activities;
  • Organizing Uzbek/Turkmen language classes for children;
  • Rewarding and celebrating achievements of Afghan-Turks in education, entrepreneurships, services to the community both at personal and community level in the UK;
  • Providing training and seminars/workshops on healthcare, business, citizenship and integration matters;
  • Linking and engaging Afghan-Turks with different communities;
  • Raising awareness of disadvantages girls and women to education and empowering them learning and education;
  • Challenging those with power to adopt policies that promote justice for Afghan-Turks; and
  • Working through networks, civil society, and individual to create powerful voice in seeking justice.


We are open for partnerships and collaborations with different entities and community organisations who share our interests, values, aim and objectives. If you would like to support us in any way, please get in contact.